Why do dogs bark excessively

Dogs bark so they can communicate to humans and animals. It is normal to hear them do this depending on the situation but excessive barking is a different case. When dogs become too wild and noisy, they annoy not only the keeper but also the other people and pets around them.

As a responsible pet owner, you must understand the causes behind dogs’ excessive barking. Know what triggers and how to stop or control such behavior. Find out the typical reasons why dogs manifest this kind of uncontrolled reaction.

  • Fear / Threat – When dogs detect harm from other animals or unfamiliar persons, they have the tendency to bark non-stop until they call the owners attention and feel safe again.
  • Attention Seeking – Pet keepers can spoil their beloved dogs unintentionally. If these canines know that they can get anything they want from their owners, they can use excessive barking to call attention. Also, some dogs who are left alone and do not often interact with people nor animals will surely bark out loud for a long period of time when they see anybody who can play or give them time and affection.
  • Anxiety – like human beings, dogs can be depressed too. They can suffer from anxiety when not being taken care of. When caged or leashed for a long time without any activity such as playing, strolling or getting a treat from the owner, they feel unwanted and unwell. As a result, they bark excessively without anything triggering them to do so.
  • Excitement – when dogs see their owners or “playmates” they can create too much noise but not like when they are bored or stressed. They jump, wag their tails and bark continuously.

There are many ways to prevent this kind of behavior and professional consultation is recommended. Although, for not so serious concerns regarding compulsive barking, some books and blogs are available to help owners deal with such action.

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