How to train your dogs to stop excessive barking

First, you have to understand why your dog barks loudly and continuously. Like humans, we complain when we are uncomfortable and we are very vocal when we want something. Barking is dogs’ way to communicate. Check if your pet is hungry, in need of water, wants to take a bath, eliminate waste or feeling sick / in pain.

If these things are not the reason, your pet might be bored, lonely, irritated or attention seeking. Try the following steps to lessen the uncontrollable barking.

  • Spend time with your dogs. They also need to play and exercise. You may give them more toys or walk them as often as you can.
  • If your dog is reacting to a specific stimuli, like for example a pet cat or a stray dog near your fence, keep them out of your dog’s sight or teach them to be familiar with the other house pets.
  • Interact with your dogs. Do not let them alone for a long time. They have the tendency to bark compulsively when seeing or hearing people and animals since they are not used to it.
  • Use your anti-barking collars especially to young puppies to train them when and where to bark out loud. Citronella spray and Ultrasonic bark collars are the recommended type for younger dogs since these are more effective to them.
  • If your pet dog is suffering from anxiety which causes the excessive barking and unstoppable behavior, seeing a veterinarian is the best solution. Like people, they also need medical attention and some prevention tips are not suitable for their condition.

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