How to reduce excessive barking

Have you ever wonder how to restraint dogs every time they exhibit compulsive barking? Here are some tips that you can try at home when you think that your pet’s noise is a little uncontrollable.

  • Train your dog to follow commands such as “Quiet” or “Behave”. As much as possible keep it calm and never shout at your pet because this might make your dog aggressive and loud.
  • Remove the stimulus. Stimulus are the things that make the dogs bark continuously like other pets, stray dogs, etc. Keep them out of your dog’s sight until it stops. When the dog calms down, give him a treat so your pet will know that he will be rewarded for behaving well.
  • Ignore the non-stop barking. If you think your dog is just making noise just to get your attention, then don’t mind the pet and make him feel that it is not working. Only come close, give attention or treat when he is done barking.
  • Spend time with your pet. Play with your dog or walk him outside once in a while to lessen the boredom and loneliness. Like people, they also feel exhausted at times so, a short stroll will make them relaxed and entertained.
  • Barking Collars. These are used as punishment to dogs barking excessively. Do not put on shock collars unless they cannot be controlled anymore. The pet must understand that the punishment (collar) is given every time he makes noise.
  • Some dogs might be suffering from anxiety and depression that is why they are doing compulsive barking. Serious problems like this must be consulted to a veterinarian specializing with behavioral disorders.

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