Q: What is an Anti-barking collar?

A: Anti-barking collars are used to stop or at least reduce excessive barking due to different reasons. You can find a lot of brands offering shock or citronella collars proven to lessen unwanted noise created by your canine. It is a sort of punishment to train dogs to stop compulsive barking causing stress and complaints from neighbors.

Q: Is it safe to use?

A: No clinical studies have proven health risks to pets although professional consultation is advised before trying the product. It may not be effective to reduce compulsive barking caused by anxiety problems. It is important to know the reasons first why your pet is barking excessively before considering a barking collar. Electronic collars are not legal in all countries unlike the Citronella or Noise-Producing Sound collars.

Q: Where can we purchase one?

A: You may find barking collars at some local department stores, supermarkets and pet shops.

Q: Is it effective to all kinds of dogs?

A: Yes, it is proven to be effective to any type of dog as long as your pet is not suffering from any serious illness or mental condition. Excessive barking caused by anxiety needs therapy by a licensed behaviorist veterinarian.

Q: When should I use an Anti-barking collar?

A: When your pet dog is exhibiting an uncontrolled noise / barking due to boredom, attention calling or reaction to stimulus. For pets with anxiety and depression issues, anti-barking collar is not recommended as it may worsen the situation. You can always consult your veterinarian before purchasing one to see the condition of your dog whether the collar is appropriate or not.

Q: How to use an Anti-barking collar?

These collars should only be worn when the dog does not want to stop or calm down. Since it is a form of punishment, the dog will feel a slight electric shock, spray of citronella or irritable noise from the collar (any of the three) when it barks.